9. Contributors and Licensing

LithoGraphX is licensed under the GPL v3. It is a fork of MorphoGraphX version 1.0 rev. 1256.

9.1. Contributors

  • Dr. Barbier de Reuille, Pierre (lead developer)
  • Dr. Robinson, Sarah
  • Dr. Burian, Agata
  • Dr. Summers, Holly
  • Dr. Yoshida, Saiko

9.2. Past Contributors

People listed have contributed to MorphoGraphX in significant ways, and in this way also contributed to LithoGraphX:

  • Dr. Weber, Alain
  • Schuepbach, Thierry
  • Toriello, Gerardo
  • Dr. Strauss, Soeren
  • Dr. Nakayama, Naomi
  • Dr. Richard Smith’s team

9.3. Funding Support

  • Google Inc.
  • SystemsX.ch
  • Swiss National Science Foundation
  • University of Bern, Switzerland